About Francesca Tomas

Francesca Tomas’s journey to becoming a counsellor started several years ago, when she found herself at a crossroads in life, and trying to determine a fulfilling career path. At that time, through a dream, she became compelled to visit a bridge near her home. She had looked at the bridge often and knew she had to walk across it to find the answer to her question, “What is next in life for me?” Upon crossing the bridge she was moved by the answer that came to her:“Take what you have learned and teach it to others.” Francesca knew this meant it was time to share her personal journey and tools for emotional healing with others. Francesca has always had a gift for listening and helping the people in her life, so that epiphany on the bridge prompted her to return to school to become a Registered Professional Counsellor.

A lifelong learner, Francesca also has a Life Skills Instructor Certificate. She aspires to help others understand themselves better and assists her clients with healing and improving their own lives. Making clients feel safe and comfortable is a key component to the therapy that Francesca offers, and she aims to make each session feel like a chat with a good friend. More than someone with an education in counselling, Francesca is a guide who brings her own wisdom into each session to help you understand the stories and outcomes that make up your life. Francesca explores where you are, how you got there, and where you want to be. Whether it’s depression, addiction, relationship troubles, or another issue – the story behind it needs to be told and the emotional pain healed.

Francesca has mastered a holistic approach to living and worked to achieve a significant amount of peace and happiness through her own studies and life experiences. She practices a balanced lifestyle, serves as a role model, and leads by example. Francesca has the capacity to empathize with others, and extends herself beyond the confines of traditional counselling by acting in a coaching capacity to form a partnership based on trust and expertise with those she mentors/guides on their healing journey.

Francesca also holds a certificate in Disordered eating, Trauma- The impact of PTS and a certificate in Motivating change.